End of May Frost!

This year weather is definitely throwing us up for a loop. First we had VERY late winter and it spring was not in a hurry to get here. Then it's a roller-coaster between 80+ and down to 30s, with wild storms, very high winds and very cold nights. Last week two days were in upper 80's and had to turn on A/C to get some sleep at night. Then 4 days of rain and freezing nights. Today finally sunshine but few minutes ago we got another frost advisory alert. At the end of May?? It is really beating up all my plants outside, with tomatoes, peppers and melons all planted this frost is the last thing I need. I already lost most of my carrots and climbing beans to bugs, so would really be nice if Mother Nature would cut us some slack already!


  1. I am sorry but it looks like we are all in for a roller coaster ride this year! Hope you do get some tomatoes and peppers and melons! Nancy

  2. This will be a spring to remember and not have to repeat ever again!