Picture limit?

Looks like I've reached the limit on my picture space so I'll have to keep it down to just group shots. Oh well. Here's Tuesday harvest.


  1. You are having a great season! Very nice work. How many square feet are you gardening?

    1. Thank you, though it's not as much space as I'd like to have. We have in the old garden:
      2 beds 4x12=96, 2 - 4x10=80, 1- 4x8=32

      new garden two middle beds are 4x21=168, and 4 L shaped that are 4 wide 15 feet one side (long) and 10 feet the other - 336. total would be 712 square feet. But I literaly packed every square inch. There's companion planting like basil and onions and peppers in tomato beds. Melons mixed with beans, using fencing space for beans, squash, cucumbers and peas. No space is wasted.

  2. Beautiful potatoes!
    And , there's a LIMIT on photos? Oh no!

  3. There is a limit? Didn't know that.