First eating tomato picked!

It's here! First non-sauce and not a cherry tomato has been picked - Black Prince. It's not big or very bright in color but it is fully ripe and tasty with smoky flavor that I love so much in dark varieties. It actually surprised me because it was hiding all the way on the bottom and I only spotted it when I pulled some weed from the back of the plant.
 As you can see it's only just 3.3 oz so not one of my giants. I really doubt that I will have any real "giants" this year but I'm happy with the size for first tomato.
Right behind this one will be Black Zebra and Black Brandywine - just starting to turn to color but not quite ready to be picked. It's very unfair of course because they'll be ready by Monday I won't be here to enjoy them :( My hubby will be picking everything this weekend and next week so no posts for a while.


  1. Hi Jenny, Sorry you won't be there to enjoy the fruits of your labor! It is so hot and dry here that I am not sure I will harvest much. Picked two little cherry tomatoes today and one other tomato that wasn't very big but had blossom end rot! Nancy

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you got BER as well :( we desperately need rain here.

  2. Congrats on your first eating tomato! We love the dark varieties for eating too. Have a safe trip!