We got greens!

Ok, so it's not really greens but they'll be once they get bigger. As in my seedlings have sprouted! These are my salads, cabbages, spinach and bokchoy.
And yes, they are a bit "leggy" but that's because I didn't put them under lights properly. Actually I placed them on shelves but not high enough so the space between the lights and seed-kit was too high so they stretched to light. Now they'll be higher so I expect to see some improvement soon. And in couple of weeks they'll go into my cold frame.
And today I started yet another tray - my herbs. In addition to the long boxes that I have for current kitchen use I started new batch for garden - they'll be planted in April.
Not sure if you can read these but here I have basil, oregano, thyme, cilantro, sage, rosemary and marigolds. Ok, so marigolds are not herbs but they are edible and make nice pretty border. And speaking of herbs, I also placed few seeds into the pot with my basil in the kitchen and they've sprouted as well!
As you can see I've been using my basil and almost done with it so I'm reusing pot for fresh round of herbs. I've mixed genovese and purple and lemon basil so will be interesting mix when it grows.

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