Moving Sorrel

This weekend I'll have a new project to complete - I have to move all my Sorrel plants out of the garden and use as a decorative border around the house. As much as I love it first thing in spring when it wakes up as soon as snow melts, I don't think I can allocate so much space for it. Here you can see where it was growing last year - the bottom 3 rows (the rest is arugula and spinach on that bed)
Now this was taken early in summer and by the end of summer it has really grown! It gets very large almost like Hosta plants and what's interesting, the deer won't touch it. It might be the lemony taste that drives them away. In any rate I'll be removing it from bed this Saturday. It should be around 50 degrees during the day so sounds like a perfect day to start moving. I'll cover them with plastic for few nights to make sure they don't die out on me completely after transplant. And then I can start transplanting my current cold-loving seedlings in to that space!


  1. I think planting the sorrel around the foundation is a great idea. I've been reading on planting edibles around the foundation of homes and there are lots of people doing this instead of planting plants that give nothing back.

  2. Oh I'm definitely planting edibles all over - peas bloom and pretty for fencing; fruit trees will be all in bloom in spring so it's pretty and hope we'll have fruit later; strawberries are also will be replanted soon as borders mixed with marigolds and nasturtium.

  3. Sorrel around the foundation? that's a great idea. We're trying to figure out what to plant around the house and edibles are a great idea. Or at the very least, edibles mixed in with the other landscaping. Great idea!!