Seeding and Transplanting Peppers

Once again spring is almost here and my house turns into a seedling house. Hubby is grumbling but happy  knowing that he'll have yummy food later in a year. So far I've planted some of the peppers, brassicas and some zinnias.  For peppers I did couple of methods. First one is to pre-sprout them on a wet paper towel covered in plastic (i used Ziploc sandwich bag). You can see in the second picture how the seeds were starting to sprout with white roots visible after couple of days.
After another day or so, I placed seeds that showed roots into planting cells filled with seedling mix. That mix will go into my seedling house under the lights to grow nice and strong.
You can see how it looked after another two days. They were very happy seedlings.
 I also made a tray with several rows of peppers seeded without pre-sprouting them.
They didn't all come at once, and I noticed that the batch of seeds that i saved myself last year grew much faster. The ones I bought were at least two weeks behind.
So today I took out the clump that you see on the bottom right side and transplanted them into permanent growing cells.  This is what they looked like after i was done with the transplants. Now I have two trays under the lights.
And you can see step by step video of what was done to transplant these peppers. I'll be doing that again next week  for the next batch!
How are your preparations for spring coming up? ready to start digging and planting?


  1. I've seeded my peppers too, but only using the pre-germinating method, which works out best for me - they are just coming up now. I'm not surprised that your nice fresh seed did better than what you purchased - I'm hoping to do a lot more seed saving this year as well.

    1. That's one of the reason I buy heirlooms, so I can save seeds and plant them next year. Hope yours will do very well.