Back Patio update

Sun was shining, with gorgeous blue sky and 74 degrees all weekend long, so my hubby and I tried to take advantage of the good weather and do some work outside. For my part I finally got to plant potatoes (a full month later than normal), peas, radishes, salad, mizuna and mustard greens. Found some "volunteer" garlic that was not picked out last summer and separated bunches and transplanted into rows. Wasn't counting on it really, so if it grows then it's great, and if not no big loss as I have plenty planted last fall that's growing beautifully.  Of course the weekend couldn't have gone without weekly pilgrimage to local Lowes for more supplies and for a weeping Japanese maple for the waterfall mound, and I spotted some beautiful roses so grabbed them as well.
They were transplanted into half-barrel containers with some white alissium on the bottom and they are happily placed by the entrance of the patio. When Alissium grows out and spread it will create a nice contrast to the planter and greenery of the rose, but even now it's not a bad view.  Speaking of views, my hubby has been experimenting with lights options for the patio.
The idea behind it, is to have some visibility and definition of the place during the evening hours so when we have people over they won't be stumbling in the dark. That's on top of having candles of course as well. I think it's a bit too bright  but I'll let him play with it to see how it will turn out.  It really is getting together, with waterfall finally running, and stream is working, and even few lilies that were planted in the pond. Just a little bit more, some clean up and we're almost at the finish line.
So overall it was a very busy weekend, but really productive and rewarding.


  1. Hi! Your backyard is just beautiful and your guests will really enjoy it. I love Knock-out roses. Is that what is in the container? I didn't think about putting them in a container. Enjoy! Nancy

  2. Isn't this weather great? Long time in coming & everyone seems to be taking full advantage (I'm just inside now for a little break)!

    1. Oh I'm loving this weather! It's been fantastic week so far.