First Harvest in 2014

Happy New Year everyone! It's been a very nice and quiet time since last time I've posted, but the cold weather makes me wish for warm and sunny spring. It doesn't help that all these seed catalogs started to come in. And I got a wonderful present from Dave from Our Happy Acres with bunch of seeds! So of course the seed-itch started and I've started planning my new season. I will post updated seed list shortly, after i get it all organized. 

This weekend I also checked my hoophouse to see if anything survived the bitter cold that we had for several weeks - at one point it went to -8 with windchills at -20. I doubt that my figts or persimon survived but will have to wait and see what happens in spring. But hoophouse seem to protect some of the parsley and carrots and I was even able to harvest few carrots for dinner.
So this weekend I will browse through what I have, order more seeds as I want to try few new things this year and start making seed-mats.

How does your garden doing these days? Check with Daphne at for other harvests.


  1. Oh, lucky you to harvest fresh carrots! I want to make some carrot seed mats. What all kinds do you do? Do you use toilet paper for them? Nancy

    1. I use the tip that Carol has it posted on her site, and use 3" spacing on cheap starbucks napkins