Another community harvest

This week community garden is having zucchini overload but I've also seen tons of eggs and squash bugs all over the plants, so they won't last much longer. Cucumbers picked up in production and tomatoes are really starting to come in as well - at least cherry types are but they rarely make it out of the garden - they're being used as snacks for most folks :) Some hot and sweet bananas ramping up production also. Only a handful of beans were picked though - it's definitely not a year for beans.


  1. You must be having the same problem as here with beeetles. And so hot and need rain. My beans and tomatoes and cucumbers seem to be so slow in producing. Your cucumbers and zucchini look good! Nancy

    1. Thanks, I planted several varieties in both community garden and my own but only Pickler is the one that's really producing heavily. Diva is blooming but not forming and others are just sitting green with no blooms at all.