Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday season is upon us so I wanted to wish everyone to have a Great Thanksgiving and remind that it's not material things that matter most - it's your friends and family that keep you happy. Today I'm thankful for my husband and my sister, my 3 adorable furbabies Midnight, Lipstic and Shadow, my friends and of course all those who come visit me on the blog.  Even though I haven't been posting much lately about the garden, it's still growing and we're still picking and I hope to do occasional posts until spring time. In the meanwhile, here are some shots of what is still growing around here, starting with some greens in hydroponic -  salads, bok choy and tatsoi. They are all different sizes because we keep picking and replanting continuously.
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In the garden we have carrots, salads, brussels sprouts, chard and kale still growing.
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Inside the house one of my lemons finally has a baby lemon! and a pot with 3 bell peppers is trying to survive the winter - hopefully it will last so I can have earlier peppers next spring.
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! You are right that family and friends count the most and not material things! Nice greens growing! Nancy

    1. thank you, it was nice. hope you had a nice holiday too.

  3. Between hydroponics, 90r2 pounds this year and all the greens I'm thinking you are doing an amazing thing. Thanks for staying connected during the seasonal lull.