Love warmer weather!

Finally weather is cooperating and is warm enough for my garden to start producing some greens. I know I'm being impatient but it's just so much better to eat your own veggies so that if I had a choice I'd grow them year round. But alas, with heavy winter it's not possible. However now that it's finally warm everything started to grow faster. Bleeding Heart was planted last year and it makes very lovely and colorful border for my garden.

Potatoes also awake and had to be tilled for the first time this weekend. I also came up to an agreement with local CSA that I'll help them with weeding/picking during spring and in summer in exchange for letting me plant some of my own potatoes and squashes. Works for both of us!

Broccoli is starting to form so in about 3 or 4 weeks we'll have our own to pick and for my honey to eat. He loves his broccoli! Plus I already have new round of seedlings going as replacement.

and just look at all those strawberries blooming! we'll be swimming in them this summer. But at least I know my honey will enjoy picking them and eating right on the spot :)

There are of course plenty more growing but it would take whole lot more pictures to show everything. In a word of two syllables - LOVE IT!


  1. my potatoes have taken off like crazy, how often do you have to hill them up? Is that the right verbage? lol

  2. Lisa,
    I 'hill" them twice - one time when the greens are about 8" and then second time again when the greens are about a foot above the ground. What it does is makes stems send out runners under the ground that will grow actual potatoes. You will still get potatoes even if you don't hill them but you'll get higher harvest if you do. As you can see I made a deep groves and planted potatoes in them. Now that they're growing I will use dirt from sides to first level them (one hill) and then again to pile it higher about the plant. One of the methods is to grow them in deep pots - layer of dirt, place potatoe and cover just enough so it's not visible. then keep adding more soil after each 6-8" of growth. At the end of summer you should have put full of potatoes.