Snow again??

Just as I thought we finally got into spring weather Mother Nature reminds us all again that she is indeed in charge of the events and we can't hurry her along. Last Friday temperature went up to 67 degrees and I made a mistake thinking that spring is here and it's good time to plant my seedlings. Not all of them of course but all cool-season ones like Spinach and Broccoli and Swiss Chard were transplanted in to the ground beds. What a mistake that turned out to be. Sunday night we had hard frost and then ice storm early in the morning following by the snow storm that brought couple of inches of snow. Of course that completely destroyed all my transplants. They can survive a dip in the temperature below 30 but not the ice storm. Weeks of growing and caring for them is wasted. Now I have to start from scratch again.

At least I still have some of my seedlings for tomatoes and peppers but they will remain in the house until mid-May. Oh well. Back to start my pots again and lesson learned for the future - don't be in such a hurry and let nature take its own time.

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