Groundhogs are back!

Last year we had two large groundhogs and 3 babies. We tried to capture them and got 1 into have-a-heart trap when it screamed its head off, so I cave in and let it go. Well this spring we have them again and once again with babies. Here's mamma with a baby grazing by my small garden. They do damage to anything they can reach, like my peas that were wiped out from the side of large garden but I still can't bring myself to injure them. So I'll lose peas and few strawberries, and anything on my patio, but it's ok.
So here it is, happily munching away with greens in its mouth. Fat and happy.

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  1. I so hate the groundhogs. But luckily they can't get into the garden proper. I do have to protect my berries and peaches though. Or I won't get any. They especially love the peaches.