Rain, herbs and preserves

It's been raining all day today and will be raining through tomorrow. We're on flash-flood watch since Sunday night when powerful storm knocked out power for 5000 people and few trees along the way. Since I can't do much outside, I only sneaked into the garden for few minutes to snip some herbs - basil, mint, oregano, thyme, rosemary and sage; Red Russian kale and few scallions. 
Actually those scallions were supposed to be very large white onions but since they refused to grow this year they're being used as scallions. Can't win them all. They came just to about 4oz total. I combined some of the herbs and kale (except mint and basil) and it was just over 3.5oz - just enough to keep a co-worker happy. Basil came out to 2.2 oz.
 And then later I was a bit bored, so I took all the strawberries that were sitting in the fridge and added sliced lemon peel and made a preserve out of that mess. I used a juice of a small lemon to add acid and balance it out a bit because I added way more sugar than should have been used.
1 full pint and two 1/2 pints will go into the pantry. I left 1/2 of pint for the fridge so my hubby can use it on his crepes over the weekend.


  1. Your preserves look so yummy.

    1. Thank you, but this batch is a bit odd because I added more lemon than I should have and left peels inside. Definitely makes it an interesting taste.