More harvesting

Just some additional harvest today - because it was such a hot day I scrambled my plan on making salad and decided to make "chavel soup" so after few minutes sniping sorrel I had enough for it, which turned out to be about 10 oz in weight. And while I was picking sorrel, I noticed that my asparagus was getting lanky and judging by Daphne's description realized that this is a female plant that will go into bloom. So I had no qualms about sniping it too for side dish tonight - additional 4 oz to add to my harvest total. Since I planted 8 more asparagus plants in a new bed I won't feel too bad if this one won't make it.


  1. I forgot to weigh my lettuce I cut last week. I need to get more cut before it bolts! Hope you are making progress on running the coons out of your garden!

  2. Lisa - we've added more water repelants and spread some smelly stuff so we'll see if it helps. our local town doesn't help with relocation of animals and i'm not sure if i want to do it myself as raccoons tend to have rabies.

  3. Yum! Our asparagus is just getting started now. We've never tried sorrel. I wonder, is it like swiss chard; or is it more like something else?

    1. Sorrel has tart lemony taste which can be very refreshing in soup in summer time or in salad. It's alot softer and milder than swiss chard, but you can't eat alot of it by itself. It has simmilar mineral content like spinach.