So many Tomato choices!

In my quest to try many types of fruit and veggies I've gone a wee bit overboard with my tomato selection. Don't take it wrong, I love to try all veggies and I'm in the middle of organizing my full seed list but for now I've gone over all varieties that I have for tomatoes. And the list is long.

Ananas Noire Or Black Pineapple
Big Rainbow
Black From Tula
Black Giant
Black Krim
Caspian Pink Heirloom
Cherokee Purple
Chocolate Stripes
Grandma Oliver's Green
Green Zebra Heirloom
Hillbilly Heirloom
Mr Stripey Heirloom
Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge
Prudens Purple Heirloom
Purple Calabash
Red Mortgage Lifter
Red Zebra Heirloom
San Marzano Lungo No. 2
Sarah Black
Super Italian Paste Heirloom
Sweet Million Hyrid
True Black Brandywine
Red Brandywine
Pink Brandywine
Yellow Pear (Cherry)

So if I plant at least 1 plant each I should have plenty of choices come August. Some are paste variety like Super Italian and San Marzano - they'll be great for Marinara and other sauces. Some are salads like Yellow Pear. Of course I'll be using some in my pots, especially those that I'm not quite sure about or that had mixed reviews like Purple Calabash and Orange Flesh. Cherry tomatoes will definitely go into pot because they tend to get very large so I don't want them to take space in garden. But for those that I've tried already and love like Purple Cherokee, Brandywine and Black Krim - they'll be at least 2 each. Yes, it will be alot of tomatoes pending no blight or other disasters of course, but knowing me I'll be giving them away to anyone who wants them :)

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