Colors, texture and smells

Do you want to know what really attracts me to gardening? It's all the experiences that you get while gardening - the smells, sounds of birds and chipmunks, bright colors of flowers and veggies and of course the amazing taste that tickles my taste buds every time you try something new. I'll admit I love unusual things - purple potatoes and rainbow carrots, chocolate peppers, green yellow and bi-colored tomatoes - can't get enough of them. Beautiful glads in August, first spring daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and lilacs bursting with honey smell that makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud. And then there are textures. Have you seen horn melons? Or spiked Chinese bitter cucumber? Velvety softness and gentle smell of Alpine strawberry and fresh picked peach. There is something awesome that happens when you pluck that huge tomato that's larger than your hand and it bursts with smell and you can't wait to slice it up to see how it looks and more importantly how it will taste. Or that surprise that you get from a small potato plant that doesn't look like it's going to have anything because it's all shriveled at the end of august and yet you dig out half a bucket of beautiful fingerling potatoes! And then you can't wait to dig into the next one just to see if that is just as bountiful as first one.

Sorry, spring fever is really getting to me and I just can't wait until everything burst into bloom and I get first berries and greens of the year.

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