Planting starters

Yes it's seedlings time once again! If you remember from last year's post on Seedlings I start mine at home in the little home-made greenhouse. It's a shelving with grow-lights attached to it for every level and trays with seed starting mix in containers. This year I actually have a new seed-starting kit from Burpees - and no, I did not buy it. I got it from Freecycle add. Since I didn't know how well kit like this would work this is a good time to experiment. And so far I like it! It was easy to set up, no mess with soil and it rehydrate very fast. Let's see how the actual seeds will work out through next two months.

For now I've planted various salads, cabbage, bok choy, broccoli - all of them like cold weather to start growing so it works out just right in timing. They will go into ground in March. So every week for next 4 weeks I'll add a new tray of seedlings to make sure that my crops will have new growth just as I start picking first set.

if you're not sure what to do with seeds - take a look at one of the previous posts: picking seeds.

so what are you planting this year?

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