Planting beans

It finally got warm enough outside this week to plant more veggies, and so we planted more peas and first batch of beans in both gardens. I've planted peas in April but germination was very poor and they were really not growing well at all. I hope the new batch will be doing better. The ones I'm looking forward to are Green Arrow, Cascadia and Garden sweet. I also have super-snappy that I usually freeze for winter. if I had more space I'd probably plant ten times as many because I love eating them fresh right there in the garden. I did have to add more soil to the border by the fence where I had peas last year to balance it out - otherwise all that nitrogen that was deposited in soil would have been too much and would inhibit growth.

On another side also by fence we have poll beans like Dragon Tongue and green and red Asparagus varieties. And one I really like is French Gold. And of course several types of bush beans. Last year we lost most of them to rabbits, but I hope this year will be better. We have a long pot with few bush beans already growing, but it's just a few plants to get an early start. I love Velour - purple variety because it's very tasty and is strikingly pretty in the garden, but my hands-down favourite is roc d'or - a yellow wax type. It's almost buttery taste is wonderful in summer and freezes really well.

Now just have to sit back and wait and see what grows well and what doesn't.


  1. I'm growing Cascadia too! First time for me - I sowed them about a week ago & they are just starting to come up. This year I'm trying a few new things that I've never grown before - some of the cool weather veggies are still so tiny but I'm not sure whether it's something I did (wrong) or because of the very late start to spring. Like you, just got to wait and see, I guess!

    1. I hope you like Cascadia - they tend to be a tad smaller than supper snappy but I like flavour, and the don't get too tall.