Identify Poison Ivy in the garden

One of my friends posted it on Facebook - this comes from the "Survival Life" source, and I thought it was a good reminder to all gardeners about this nasty plant. Unfortunately for us it's a native and is everywhere in our back yard, so knowing what it is and how to look for one is important.

Fortunately we also have another native plant called Jewelweed that works better than any ointments I can get in the store - and it's abundant in our backyard as well.

 Stem of the Jewelweed is hallow and when you break it it's a bit slimy and juicy, but that's the juice you need to rub on rash that you get from poison ivy and it will go away. It's almost like Mother Nature decided to counteract her own nasty gift with a positive one :)


  1. Good info! I have not yet had a run-in with poison ivy. Of course, now that I said that, I'll probably fall into a patch the next time we go on a hike!

    1. Hope you won't have to experience it at all, but never hurts to know what to look for.