First cherries and more strawberries

Another severe rain on the way with promise of high winds and way more water than my garden needs at this time. So just like last week I went to pick what I could before everything gets even more rotted. Large tray is from new garden area and a basket of small berries from old garden.

And we picked our own first batch of cherries! I wasn't expecting them really this year as the trees are still very young, but this was a very good start! There are few more on the tree, larger in size but just showing signs of pink on them so have to be patient. Hopefully birds won't eat them all.


  1. Nice picking of strawberries for you! Hope you don't get too bad a weather and hope we don't either! I have just a few cherries on my tree and noticed that a bird is eating one of them! Don't think I will bother with protecting these few but need to get bird netting for next year! Nancy

    1. We had few cherries last year formed but never got to try them. By the time it was ripe last remaining vanished the day we were going to pick it, so we're very excited that we got a chance to try them this year!

  2. Really lovely strawberries you got there! There really is nothing better or sweeter than home picked strawberries!