Colorful bounty

Fall brings crisp weather, colorful leaves and anticipation of apple picking before Thanksgiving. But it also brings wide variety of fruit and veggies that most people are not aware of.. Sure, you might be adventurous and have tried (and possibly loved) Indian and Mexican foods, but do you know what some of the ingredients that are used in those foods? Do you know what Tamarind looks like? Or a Lemon Cucumber? Have you seen a purple cauliflower? Have you ever tried a Persimmon or Hawaiian Papaya (don't confuse it with Mexican papaya that's not sweet and used in salads) for your desert. Do you know that you favorite Welch's grape juice or a jam is made out of? If you've been to Caribbean area and tried spicy and very aromatic foods, do you know what they use for seasoning? If you hear "Trinidad Perfume" would you think that it's referred to something you spray or eat? What about Lemon Pepper? Pineapple sage? Do you know what fresh Lyche fruit looks and taste like?
Today I introduced all of these beauties to my coworkers. You can never have too much variety in your life.


  1. What a pretty picture and how nice to share and introduce all that to your co-workers!! Nancy

  2. Fresh wholesome foods makes the best pure natural colors. Very thoughtful of you.