Going vertical with Strawberries

This year's new experiment is an addition to our small side garden - we build new strawberry beds. Yes, we do have plenty of strawberries in the main garden in the front of the house, but I wanted to add few to see how it would work and if any squirrels or other animals will cause problems. So my hubby build it for me on a sunny weekend afternoon and we used our second garden so it's not too visible from main road. It  may not be pretty but it's functional.
We used 4" pipe, he cut out strip and put a small wooden blocks inside to keep sides from closing in. I'm sure there was better way to do this, but I wanted to keep it simple and to have minimum work on his part. He put it on 4-feet supports by the edge of the garden next to the fence. This way it's out of  the way, not shading beds and the main benefit - it's perfect height for him to reach for berries once they start producing. Will keep you updated on how it works. For now transplanted berries need to start growing properly.


  1. I will be interested in seeing how your new strawberry project works. Will you have to water it every day? Nancy

    1. Yes, i would have to water it every day as it doesn't have a lot of soil to keep moisture. But then I do it for small garden anyway daily.