I think we'll have tomatoes...

Before I planted my garden I used to keep my greens only in container environment. You don't get as much of a harvest as you would in garden, so this year I planted many types of veggies and of course tomatoes completely forgetting that I might get bigger harvest than just 2-3 tomatoes per plant. Everyone eats tomatoes, right? If not plain on a sandwich or raw in salad then maybe a tomato sauce for some italian dish. I mean you can't have too many of them, right? Well maybe you can have just a tad more than you need. When I planted mine I wanted different varieties so in addition to my own seedlings that I grew I also picked up few from a friend's farm. I shared some with my DF's dad (he has his own garden as well) but planted half mixed with mine. Today out of curiosity I counted my tomato plants - 18 in garden beds and a dozen in containers. OY! And they're blooming. Every single plant is in bloom. I think I went overboard on them. Oh well at least they're pretty. I've never seen blooms to be this big! can't wait to see actual fruit when it's ripe. And I found few first "baby" tomatoes hanging on the vines already. This is Roma Tomato - I think we'll have plenty for a sauce. I counted 7 just on one plant. Either sauce or I might try canning them for winter. And we'll have some for a salad as well! This one is small patio variety but it's definitely good enough for salads. Can't wait to see how my other heirlooms are going to produce. July should be really good month for harvest!


  1. That will indeed be a huge tomato harvest! I think it's great. You can always donate to family, friends, and food pantry.

    I've never canned tomatoes before. I worry too much about botulism.
    However, one way in which I store them is by blending and freezing.
    I blend tomatoes, onion, garlic and pepper (optional) in a blender and freeze the result in Ziploc plastic containers.

    The tomato plants are so healthy looking! Love the jumbo flower!

  2. Oh I'm not too worried. I already have few people interested in them :) I will of course share with my DF's family and my sister will be here first week of July so she'll get to enjoy fresh produce as well. I haven't tried freezing tomatoes like that before but I'll give it a try! I have fresh garlic that's going to be ready to be picked soon so that might be a good time to try something new. Thanks for the suggestion!