Spring is in the air...

Spring is slowly rolling into our area - very slowly, and at times it feels like a roller coaster with temperatures. Last week for two days it was 70+, and then down to 22 again. Nuts!  So not much of updates to really give as I'm trying to tie up some lose ends on many fronts, but here are few of them.
First is of course the seedling trays are in place and waiting, and to expand that front we got a new coldframe  
 and a new seedling "greenhouse" for the deck. It's not sturdy and not heated, but it's a walk-in and will be enough to house the cold-tolerant plants like broccoli etc. You can see how my hubby was finishing up the set up in picture.
Around the house first spring flowers are slowly trying to open up, and peaking through the ground.
Crocuses are always first to showcase their beauty, but daffodils, hyacints and tulips are right behind them growing fast.
Once they're all go into bloom my front garden will be very pretty. I also planted a lot of new bulbs around the back patio and new ponds so can't wait to see what made it through the winter.
And at home more flowers are in bloom - my orchids love this time of the year and blooms are gorgeous. My orchids at works also full in bloom and i'm loving every moment of it.


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    1. Thank you, I've had some of these for over 5 yrs and they bloom for me twice a year :)