Planting Peppers for this year

So the seeds selected for this year peppers are:
Pepper - Aji Angelo hot pepper (C. baccatum) (from Dave)
Pepper - Aji Dulce #2 hot pepper (C. chinense) (from Dave)
Pepper - Alma Paprika
Pepper - California Wonder (sweet)
Pepper - Canary Bell 
Pepper - Chervena Chushka OG
Pepper - Chinese Giant - sweet red
Pepper - Chocolate Ghost
Pepper - Feher Ozon Paprika
Pepper - Golden Star 
Pepper - Habanero red
Pepper - Horizon Bell
Pepper - Italian Sweet
Pepper - Jalapeno Early - chile
Pepper - Jalapeno red
Pepper - Jepeto
Pepper - Jimmy Nardello's
Pepper - King Of The North
Pepper - Orange Bell
Pepper - Pepperoncini Italian
Pepper - Purple Beauty 
Pepper - Quadrato D'asti Rosso  (sweet red)
Pepper - Sweet Banana
Pepper - Sweet Chocolate
Pepper - Trinidad Perfume sweet pepper (Capsicum chinense) (from Dave)
Pepper - Yellow Monster

Think it's a bit much? And you'd be right. As I mentioned in previous posts, this year I'm trying some of the hybrids to see how they perform. For most of these peppers I'm planting them at the farm and the community garden. Only few will be planted at home for eating: Chervena Chushka, Aji Dulce, Sweet Chocolate, Purple Beauty, Orange Bell, Canary Bell and Quadro D'Asti.  These I know I want to keep for home daily cooking and eating. Hot peppers like Trinidad Perfume, Habanero and all halapenos will be all at the community.  Everything else I'll try to fit into the space on the farm. That's if I get to plant there of course as I'm waiting for details on what space I'll get to play with. And if not, I will donate all seedlings to the master gardener "teaching garden" for this year. Time will tell.


  1. I don't think I'd have room under my lights for all those, much less anything else - lol! I see several varieties that I will be interested in seeing how well they do for you.

    1. Oh I found a set of long trays that fit 36 seedlings each and I can fit 3 of such trays under one set of lights. I just hope they'll be happy growing and can't wait to see how some will perform. Which ones are you planting?